Wheel of the Year Bath Salts

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Wheel of the Year Bath Salts

Capture the enchantment with my 4 ounce Wheel of the Year Bath Salts. From the pristine waters off the Mediterranean coast of France, these salts are produced through a sun dried process, hand harvested & stone ground. The salts can be added directly to your bath *or* you can bring the water therapy of a French Euro spa directly to your home by adding your own organic olive oil to make a thick paste like consistency that you can drop into the tub for a deep oil conditioning treatment for your skin. This mixture also makes a divine exfoliator to use on the body for rough patches. (Careful; as it can get slippery if you use the salt/oil combination.) Experience a Spirit Veil salt potion for your Wheel of the Year ritual bath. The salts contain no colors for sensitive souls.

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