Wheel of the Year Harvested Herb Conditioner

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Wheel of the Year Harvested Herb Conditioner

Refresh, revive and defunk your hair with my 8 ounce Wheel of the Year Harvested Herb conditioner enriched with botanical gifts from the earth & sulfate free. This is a blend of pure herbal extracts that add body and shine to hair. No coating agents, artificial colors, or waxes are added. Sweet almond fruit extract, vitamins, proteins, moisturizers, and a special formulation of aloe, himalayan salt, and hemp seed oil to strengthen and condition each hair strand, helping to eliminate static fly-aways and frizzies. Infused with harvested herbs from Spirit Veil’s Wheel of the Year garden. Rinses clean for silky, smooth, beautiful hair. Experience spa by nature and be content with knowing there are no dyes, chemicals, or any harmful ingredients– always cruelty free just plant based organics watched over by the wind, water, sun & moon. Enriched with elements of the earth that protect the natural oils of your hair and leave your Goddess mane revitalized and nurtured. There are no colors added whatsoever, free of all the nasties that you don’t want in your personal care products. Love the skin you’re in with Spirit Veil!

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