Wheel of the Year Herbal Body Lotion

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Wheel of the Year Herbal Body Lotion

Capture the Enchantment with my Wheel of the Year Herbal Body Lotion which is Airy, Dreamy, Light and full of mineral rich nutrients!! Infused with Almond Oil, Sweet Virgin Olive Oil, Hemp Oil, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Coconut Milk, I add the benefits of the sea by using Pure Dead Sea Salts which are artfully dissolved into the water that results in a unique finished product. This is a mild, nourishing, hypo-allergenic lotion, rich in Dead Sea Salt minerals. It preserves the skin’s natural moisture level, while leaving it silky smooth, soft and refreshed. Protects the skin against dehydration and environmental hazards. This new recipe has been perfected as a state of the art “rapid absorb” lotion. You will feel it disappear within seconds of touching your skin!! There are absolutely no colors or chemicals added– this lotion is left in its pure, raw virgin white state. This is guaranteed to be a natural-earthy friendly product!

*8 ounce bottle

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