Wheel of the Year Lunar Room Spray

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Wheel of the Year Lunar Room Spray

Capture the enchantment with my Wheel of the Year Lunar Room Spray which can be used as a linen spray or sprayed upon the bed pillows or curtains, for a magical seasonal infused scent wherever you are* Only made with natural ingredients that won’t stain or overpower the senses! The water in this mist is created with an herbal infused water with plants chosen for their magical attributes and also has been charged with the Moon’s vibrational energies and rays which are extremely powerful during a full moon. I place a glass container of distilled water out beneath the full moon, all night, for the water to absorb the magickal properties of the moon & living within the Allegheny National Forest really provokes a power like no other. So if you can’t tolerate incense smoke or you don’t want candles dripping and making a messy situation, this spray is a fantastic alternative. And it’s been watched over by the moon, what better Guardian to bring a bit of magick to your Celtic Wheel of the Year? This is guaranteed to be a natural-earthy friendly product!

*4 ounce bottle

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