Monsters BE Gone Room Mist

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Monsters BE Gone Room Mist

An old Spirit Veil favorite is back and available for your wee ones to ease their minds and embed visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads. When my autistic son was little he had troubles falling asleep with his vivid imagination that grew as darkness cleared the sky. I tried everything I could think of to calm his environment and settle his over stimulated thoughts. Creativity sparked and I came up with my Monsters BE Gone Room Mist. Since monsters can’t stand to be around anything that smells sweet, I knew I needed a SUPER SUGARY fragrance and visited the local Faerie Folk who happened to have an over stock in Birthday Cake scent oil. I add just a dabble of organic chamomile essential oil from my tincture chest and this combination works its magic to repel all monsters of every species range. Make sure to spray in the closets, under the bed, behind the curtains—everywhere there could be possible monster activity.
This can also be worn as a fun fragrance spray since it works like a protective super hero cape. Derived always with gentle all natural ingredients for your wee folk, a promise of NO harmful phthalates or anything else weird or unusual. Just a happy blessing or two, distilled water, organic witch hazel, organic elderflower extract, organic vegetable glycerin, chemical free fragrance oil and organic chamomile essential oil. Spray those monsters into vapor nothing and everyone rests easy (parents included)

4 ounce bottle. (Photo props not included!)

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