White Sage Aura Cleansing Bath Salts

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White Sage Aura Cleansing Bath Salts

The White Sage products that I offer are my best sellers-being shipped as far away as Malaysia, so I have decided to add two new products to the line including this one. Burning white sage for ritual purposes is an ancient and widely recognized tradition that many use today to clear negative energy and cleanse on a spiritual level. I know that sometimes when I’ve been around a negative area or  a negative person I feel that ’I Personally’ need to cleanse and purify my aura. I wanted to make a bath product that would enable you to do this in a more personal way and enhance your sacred use of White Sage in your rituals.

These White Sage Purification Sea Salts are from the clear waters off the coast of Brazil. They are produced through the natural evaporation of sea water. The salts are semi-porous which enables them to be infused with my White Sage Essential Oil & a dab of moldavite oil. The salts contain no colors for sensitive souls. I also say a powerful healing blessing while crafting this item for the person receiving them.

Now the really unique part about these bath salts are that I create them during the Full Moon moon phase. The Moon’s energy and vibrations are at the most potent at this stage. Although it can be used to boost almost any effort, it’s most beneficial to complicated events or difficult situations. My white sage products all include my sacred native American white sage essential oil with a dab of moldavite oil to create balance, harmony, purification and healing. Excellent for cleaning and clearing spaces of negative energy. Traditionally, this is the most valued and revered of all the sages, used ceremonially to cleanse the spirit and welcome positive thoughts. This poignant scented herb strengthens yin yang, great for getting rid of negative vibes in aura, house and environment. Ruled by the planet Jupiter, also an air element of masculine vibration. Namaste`

~4 ounce jar

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