Sacred Sage Aura Cleansing Body Wash

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Sacred Sage Aura Cleansing Body Wash

My 8 ounce Aura Cleansing Body Wash has always been one of my most popular selling items. Created for those that prefer a body wash over a bar soap. This body wash is what I like to call Skyclad which means it contains no colors for sensitive souls and also to focus on the purpose.
Made with Lunar Water that is charged beneath the Full Moon with the added essential oils of Sacred White Sage and a dab of Moldavite oil which promotes the clarity of mind and positive thinking. When the clouds of doubt and confusion are lifted, wisdom rises from within. One is able to access one’s intuition and get in touch with the higher self. This combination will help cleanse and purify negativity that has invaded your sacred space and also your aura. We all go through bad times, and have had situations where a good cleansing, banishing or purification spell is in order. Now you can take it one step further and cleanse the body and aura to improve metaphysical vibrations to a more higher and positive level. I also say a powerful healing blessing while crafting this item just for you.
Naturally derived essences provide pure daily therapy. Emollient-rich lubricants of botanical extracts help restore the moisture balance to your skin maintaining a true natural glow & radiance. 100% Vegan.  My body wash has a thinner consistency than other body washes- because it gently cleans without the use of harsh chemicals that are typically added for their foaming properties, I use the old fashioned herbal component of Soapwort & Yucca to purify your skin first radiating a more healthy glow as you shower without absorbing any unnecessary toxins. This also can be used as a shampoo for your hair.
Containing NO color, detergents, alcohol, formaldehyde, sodium laurel sulfate, DEA, propylene glycol, parabens – or any of the other synthetic beauty care additives- just pure natural skin therapy!
It will soften & luxuriate from head to toe, even in the hardest of water!! Cleansing Aura, Body and Soul as One!

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