Sacred Sage Aura Cleansing Soap

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Sacred Sage Aura Cleansing Soap

Burning white sage for ritual purposes is an ancient and widely recognized tradition that many use today to clear negative energy and cleanse on a spiritual level. I know that sometimes when I’ve been around a negative area or  a negative person I feel that “”I Personally”" need to cleanse and purify my aura.
I wanted to make a bath product that would enable you to do this in a more personal way and enhance your sacred use of White Sage in your rituals. Not only will this soap cleanse your skin, but it cleanses the soul*
My soap is free of animal ingredients and no animal testing. The ingredients are all natural and organic  which include pure vegetable glycerin with the added oils of Shea Butter,  Vitamin E, Sweet almond, and Evening Primrose and the essential oil of White Sage and a dab of Moldavite oil which promotes the clarity of mind and positive thinking. When the clouds of doubt and confusion are lifted, wisdom rises from within. One is able to access one’s intuition and get in touch with the higher self. This combination will help cleanse and purify negativity that has invaded your sacred space and also your aura.
It contains no colors for sensitive souls. I also say a powerful healing blessing while crafting this item just for you.* It is crafted during a Waning Moon which is when it shrinks from full to dark, we can use its vibration for anything that requires shrinking or elimination. This energy works best for efforts that include dieting, breaking bad habits, ceasing stress or depression, clearing away negative energy or finalizing dysfunctional relationship patterns.

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