Inner Goddess Rose Quartz Pendant

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Inner Goddess Rose Quartz Pendant

The Behind the Veil Collection has a beautiful new addition you can add to your bijouterie collection~ The Inner Goddess pendant, a brilliant piece to awaken the feminine power & mystery that every woman was born with. A natural rose quartz gem stone is embedded into the silver design inlay that initiates the highest energies of love and light. It is beneficial to wear rose quartz on your body as the soft sweet energy of this crystal will resonate out into your whole aura, allowing you to see the beauty in the world… as your heart resonates to a new tune. The presence of this spiritual stone will send a soothing vibration not only to the person wearing it, but also resonates a positive vibration outward. It can stimulate the thymus chakra or higher heart chakra and is one of the foremost stones representing the sacred feminine.

The four pointed floral design represents the four seasons, four directions, four elements, signifying solidity, calmness, and balance. As with every Behind the Veil collection purchase, your piece will ceremonially saged. I use a white sage smudge stick to fan the sage smoke in a veil around your necklace to create a positive energy flow so that it arrives to you with an attitude of love.Celebrate and honor your beautiful, lovable, wild, sacred and authentic self with Spirit Veil’s Inner Goddess pendant.

On an 18″ black polyester cord with a silver 2″ extender chain and silver lobster clasp.

Pendant measures 1 inch vertical and horizontal.
Perfect for:
*helping relationships, within and without
*healing emotional wounds
*resonating Goddess energies
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