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Ave Meditari Incense

Ave Meditari translated in Latin means “Hail Meditation’….. Welcoming the opportunity to quiet one’s mind from “daily life chatter” is important to connect with your own higher self (or soul self) Incense is a special tool to use for calming, grounding and setting a peaceful serenity to your space. Sometimes major life transitions can be overwhelming, but they can also be perceived as a time for growth and change.
I created this incense in honor of & dedication to my Mom, Madelyn Immaculate. Her passing has been a conflicting transition for me. Though I strongly believe our earthly journey does not conclude, but a sequel stands beyond us, lingering deep within myself, I felt a numbing loss and it was only when I  reconnected with burning incense in my daily meditation that newfound strength returned. Incense plays an important role in clearing the space within us to effectively align our energy fields. The sense of smell triggers our minds to create an atmosphere conducive to peaceful reflection & healing.
Through an alchemy-herbal process a rich, multi-layered, full-bodied essence is achieved by triple soaking each stick with a combination of primitive chopped herbs, oils and raw woods and then dried under the sun’s rays. Seven sacred herbal blends are now available: Angelica, Dried Birch, Sweetgrass Cedar & Sage, Jasmine & Milkweed, Sweet Cypress & Basil, Apothecary Lavender which is a lavender blending of various ages tempered with light spices, leather, and woods & Immaculate… an intense spiritual blend consisting of nag champa, sandalwoods, patchoulis, celtic herbs & frankincense and now available for the Yule season O’ Holy Night which is a pure eastern Roman Frankincense & Myrrh blend. You will receive 20 premium Ave Meditari incense sticks per pack blessed over with a Gaelic Celtic prayer.
~“Our earth mothers never go far from their babies, but watch over them quietly from the other side.”~

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Balm of Youth

We’ve heard of the Fountain of Youth, a legendary spring that reputedly restores the youth of anyone who drinks of its waters, entrust your skin with Spirit Veil’s Balm of Youth…. Using Japanese traditional methods and my own compiled research of natural botanicals and elements from the Earth to moisturize & nourish your skin with herbal teas, Japanese herbal extracts and nutritive oils.
Elastin and collagen fibers lose their “glue,” and start to break down due to the aging process and skin begins to sag and becomes less firm. The elemental ingredients in this balm binds collagen and elastin fibres together, helping to retain moisture, keeping skin firm, smooth and supple which results in a radiant glow & bright complexion. The antioxidant blend improves the condition and texture of the skin and helps rejuvenate damaged or mature skin and reduce the formation of wrinkles. Infused crystals in the spring water content creates a purifying positive ion charge for a healthy, energized facial aura.
How to use your product: Start with a clean face. Apply a small amount of the balm all over the face and concentrate more heavily on the eye area. This can also be used on the eyelid & lips. For morning use, apply a light veil, make up will glide over top. For evening use, apply a heavier veil. Wipe or blot any excess away with a soft, dry towel. If any irritation should occur discontinue use. If you have oily skin, use sparingly. You should see results within 6-8 weeks, sometimes sooner.
Base Cream:
Aloe barbadensis (Aloe) Juice, Cocos nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Crystal Infused Spring Water, Emulsifying Wax NF, Organic Beeswax, Vitis vinifera (Grapeseed) Oil, Perilla Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Tienchi Ginseng, Rhodiola Rosea Extract, Bamboo Extract, Green Tea Extract, no scent, colors or chemicals.

2 oz. jar~

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Balm of Youth trial sample

Samples are made by taking a small section of a full size balm and placed into a 2×4 inch clear plastic bag. 1 – 2 uses per sample. $3.00 with free shipping; additional items added to your cart will incur shipping fees.

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Black Sandalwood Incantation Beads

Incantation is a collection of chants, prayers, blessings, words or lyrics that have meaning to you. It could even be a phrase from when you were little that gave you great peace when saying it. There is no wrong or right way to use Incantation beads as it is a personal, intimate choice of the bearer. The most important thing is to make them a consistent tool you use daily; an essential part of your ritual & routine. The olde’ teachings preferred the use of smaller sized wood beads for personal discretion & the lighter feel for comfortable carrying or wearing. Staying with that tradition, the weight of this strand is ultra feather light .

Make them a part of you. Reserve a time when you are alone and can sit with your incantation beads and nurture them. Rubbing them gently allows your unique skin oil to penetrate to the core of the strand and breaks them in. Bonding with your beads is important. Don’t share them, your energy is yours and yours alone and you have infused them with your delicate wishes, secrets, mantras and thoughts.

I am fond of the black sandalwood because it is exceedingly smooth and is valued for its cooling properties believed to promote tranquility as an aid to meditation. In India the heartwood of sandalwood has divine status. One species, Hari-chandan, was said to grow only in the heavenly worlds, filling the celestial empire with its divine powers. The aged and shiny black sandalwood is said to be its representative on earth.

By wearing your incantation beads as a protection bracelet wrapped threefold around your wrist close to your radial pulse you have the discreet reassurance of altering your thought patterns turning negative self-talk, doubt, fear and insecurity into radiance, confidence, beauty and prosperity by gently massaging the beads with your index finger and chanting a positive mantra silently to yourself. The beads may also be worn around the neck or threefold around the ankle. You may also choose to adorn a special alter or place them inside your vehicle.

As a special way of thanking you I cleanse the beads with lunar water and then anoint the Incantation beads with my sacred white sage essential oil & moldavite blend if you choose this option. Moldavite is a beautiful green stone found in only one area of the world, the Czech Republic. The metaphysical properties include spiritual development and expansion of consciousness, an acceleration of one’s inner growth and evolution, visionary experience, chakra activation and energy cleansings. Moldavite can also aid in connecting you to your higher vibrational guides. White sage is the most valued and revered of all the sages, used ceremonially to cleanse the spirit and welcome positive thoughts. Ruled by the planet Jupiter, also an air element of masculine vibration. This divine oil blend will envelope the beads with a mystical infused scent & prepare them & you for the positive magical purposes you seek.

  • necklace length: 50 cm (approx 20 inches)
  • size of beads: 5 mm wood petite-delicate
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Shipping on this Item is FREE in the United States– other items added will accumulate a shipping fee.

(shown wearing as a protection threefold wrist wrap)

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Celtic Herbal Massage Oil

My Celtic Herbal Massage Oil is a must have for people with muscle disorders or pain of any kind. I infuse a light, organic safflower and sunflower oil with the organic herbs of Crampbark, White Willow Bark, Lavender Buds, Arnica, Calendula and Chamomile Flowers. I strain it and add pure organic Lavender essential oil, “Bachs Rescue Remedy Flower Essence” and Magnolia Flower Essence which the Druids considered the Magician of all flower essences. This recipe was one of the first herbal healing oils I made when I was certified in the Art & Science of Botanical Medicine. This is a popular holistic tool many of my massage therapists use faithfully! It is bottled in my durable white enviro-friendly plastic bottle and now in a bigger 8 ounce bottle!

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