Spirit Veil begins with a swirl of magic~ whimsical creativity~ and a belief in natural approaches to health & beauty. I was certified in May 2003 in the Art & Science of Botanical Medicine where I studied plant identification, aromatherapy, holistic therapies, anatomy, physiology and the sacred way of herbs. While learning of the importance of herbs and their medicinal properties, I became fascinated with the ancient lore & history of them.

With all the bath & body products available, I wanted to create specialty items that blend herbal ingredients and bare basics and avoid all the chemical preservatives and additives that sincerely don’t need to be in your products. In the long run, our bodies end up protesting to chemically overloaded choices. I often say: If you can’t pronounce what’s in it- do you really want it absorbing into your skin? There has been vast research done on cancer causing dyes and components that major beauty industry’s still use today unfortunately & the negative results cause an unbalanced system  which then restrics the flow of life force energy. I feel the more attentive we are to what we buy for ourselves, develops a conscious awareness into healthy living.

The key is to unveil a new YOU and by using my original & organic collection, you will see a difference in your skin and that will result in a refreshed and renewed Spirit! Many of my customers who have had sensitive skin and allergy complications before, have noticed a big difference after trying my product line.

I also commit in having a direct relationship with my customers. Your satisfaction and input are very important to me. I try to incorporate what my customers want and ask for. For instance, one woman asked me if I could track down a “chocolate cherry” fragrance oil and make it into a body mist as a gift for her daughter serving in the millitary. I now carry that scent “Nocturnal Temptress” as a choice from my fragrance list. Every single request I receive is as important to me as creating the products!! There is no middle man, a fast shipping turn around, a clean & inspirational working environment and a holistic-enchanting collection inspired by herbs and nature.

By using the power of ancient medicine woman traditions and the wise woman healing ways, I’ve brought this direct energy exchange to my product line and hope that your own inner spirit veil will lead you on the path to self discovery & a reflection filled radiance!

Bright Blessings,

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