Greetings & Welcome To Spirit Veil!

Browse a spell at the newly updated Spirit Veil site. ….. where products are created to transform your bath and body experience into a heavenly escape!

The focus here is to blend my knowledge of medicinal herbs with imagination and creating for you a natural approach to healthy living. Taking the “Go Green” motto, I start out with putting nothing into the products that doesn’t need to be there! There are no color additives used, only plant or vegetable based dyes in a select few items. No SLS (sodium laureth or lauryl sulphate), no parabens, no petrolatum and only naturally derived preservatives, and certainly cruelty free!! I research the olde’ ways and use my own original recipes that contain basic, botanical ingredients you would find from Mother Earth or even your kitchen cupboard!

I dedicate my work to creating a healthy line of skin care that you shouldn’t be cautious to use. I want to protect “The Skin You’re In” and offer a therapeutic collection that’s kind to sensitive souls! And only at Spirit Veil will you continue to find surreal fragrances with their very own identities!!

All of the fragrance oils are phthalate-free!! Chemicals in bath & body products are absorbed straight through the skin and research shows that there are negative health ramifications that can follow using products containing harsh synthetic chemicals. You have Spirit Veil’s promise that none of these unnecessary chemicals will ever be used!!

So please check out what’s waiting behind the veil for YOU!

May the path lead you well, as your spirit unveils. Bright Blessings!!! ^.^

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